Portfolio Projects

Max/MSP Generative Music System

For my third year research report, I created a max patch using Markov chains to generate melodies based on a dataset of input MIDI notes. Markov chains allow you to analyse the probability of an event occurring, based on the event that occurred before it. This likelihood becomes more accurate the higher the order of chain that you use. For this project I used second-order chains.

Video explanation and walkthrough of the project

Trash Pandas

For my final second year project, we were assigned cross-discipline teams to create a game in 12 weeks. My team consisted of 2 concept artists, 2 3D artists, myself and 1 indie developer. We worked on it for 4 weeks in-person before COVID-19 affected our ability to collaborate and slowed the pace of work while we adapted.

It was developed purely using Blueprint due to the indie development course not tackling C++ and we wanted to be able to help each other with any bugs that occurred.

Game Trailer

I worked on all the sound effects and music for the game. I wrote the game design document and kept it up-to-date as the project progressed and our goals shifted. I collaborated on the camera zoom for several players and stun player ability. I developed a drop in/out system for the level select area you see at the start of the video as well as allowing players to choose a level by all gathering at the correct “door”. I also made the point system, keyboard support, level timer, trash spawner and a bin mechanic where if items were thrown into it, they would be removed from the level (not shown in the video).

The github repo can be found here

Music Puzzle Project

In this project the brief was left very broad – to make a puzzle game in two weeks using UE4. Due to my passion for game audio, I decided to theme the game around sound patterns. It was developed purely in blueprint as I wanted the ability to rapidly prototype and iterate. Here is a link to the github repo.

In this game, you hear a music pattern, which you must then re-create using the coloured cubes around the level by placing them on platforms in the correct order. In later levels, players must put multiple cubes in the same position to form a chord – several notes being played at the same time.

Music for Game Jam Project

During a university wide Game Jam in November 2019, one of my tasks was to create the sound effects and background music for the game. In this game you played as a ghostly robed figure running through a mansion trying to solve the mystery and escape from the monster chasing after you.

This was the start screen background music
This was the background music during the game

Sound of Streets of Rage 2 Essay

In this essay I performed an analysis of how Yuzo Koshiro and Motohiro Kawashima utilised the Mega Drive’s hardware to create a soundtrack so iconic that they took it on a concert tour.