Iteration 2 Week 2 Reflective Journal

This week, I definitely didn’t get as much done as I would have liked. Throughout the week, I was feeling unwell, and so it made it difficult to concentrate on the problems that I was having with my code. Therefore, I have decided to do additional work during the Easter break to ensure that my project is at a stage that I am happy with for testing. This allowed me to properly rest up, so I will be ready to get more work done in the coming weeks.

To make things easier when I carry on working on the project over Easter, I made sure to get some planning done for features that I want to add. In particular, I thought about properties of the tentacles that I can upgrade and the pros/cons of needing to implement each feature.

On a positive note, I really enjoyed the additional changes that I made to the UI. When I spoke to Aaron last week, he said that it wasn’t clear enough which button summoned tentacles. To fix this, I made the button into a summoning circle that lights up red when the player presses it. I am happy with the way that this makes the button stand out more while still fitting with the theme of blood magic.

I haven’t completed any of my goals this week, but I do feel as though the work that I did do has set me up to finish up during the Easter break without any time pressure.