Iteration 2 Week 1 Reflective Journal

Due to needing to change physics engines, there was a lot of code re-writing that I had to do, meaning that I spent less time adding new features than I would have liked. However, this did mean that I could tidy up my code such as removing defunct animations and change some of my classes to extend Phaser classes such as my MonsterBaseClass now extending sprite. On the bright side, Arcade physics is much better documented and I find it easier to use than Matter which will make adding new features easier going forward.

When creating a group for the tentacles, I initially struggled with it as I hadn’t used groups since we were first introduced to them. Once I got it to work, it was especially satisfying and acted as a good reminder of a very useful feature of Phaser 3. This enabled me to have the confidence to use groups for other parts of the game, such as the attack areas for the tentacles and the enemies.

I am really pleased with the way that I have changed the UI to be simplier and easier to understand. I especially found discussing the changes that I had made with Aaron to be helpful, as he gave useful criticisms of how I could improve upon it further. When I look back on how the UI was in Iteration 1, I can already feel the improvements when testing and having to completely re-work my code made it much easier to change how the game looked than if I had to edit my existing code around.

Out of my original objectives for Iteration 2, this week I have completed:

  • Fix the collision bug,
  • Add in grid snapping for monster placement,
  • Waves of attack to add variety to levels.

I have also started working on:

  • Updating and streamlining the UI
  • Create better icons to communicate what things represent on the screen to the player in a more effective way.

Next week, my main aim is to add in the pause/play button, make the monsters upgradable and to finish up the UI changes.