Iteration 2 Easter Reflective Journal

For the first two weeks of the Easter break, I took the time off to relax and refresh myself so that I could look at my game with a new perspective. This allowed me to identify some minor errors that I had left in the code, like incorrect frame numbers and icons being in a slightly odd position.

I admittedly did take a few shortcuts, on some features that I added, but I don’t feel that the overall quality of the game is reduced due to this. For example, instead of an interactive tutorial, I have used a diagram and for my pause button I use a click anywhere to resume the game rather than duplicating my existing button.

Now that I’m at the end of the Easter break, I feel satisfied that I have met all of the goals that I originally gave to myself at the start of the project. I definitely found that using a goals based system rather than assigning tasks to set dates gave me the flexibility that I needed – especially given my difficulties with getting any coding done during Week 2 of the project.

For testing, my target device is a Google Pixel. I chose this phone because it’s the one that I have and I feel that most games or websites are designed with other, more popular phones in mind such as the Samsung S8/9 or iPhone X. As I have added resize and scaling functionality, it would be nice if I could test on two devices but it’s more important that I get thorough data on how the game plays on the Pixel as it is my main target device.

Personally, I like to write my test data on paper, by hand, as it allows me to add any observations that I make or that the user makes but forgets to mention during the post-game feedback. The main parts of the game that I want to get feedback on are the UI due to the major changes to it, if the game works on the server correctly and how interactive the game feels to play. This means that I will mainly be using the UI and Deployment Testing methods.