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During my GCSEs and Sixth Form, I did work experience at a games company in London called PlayerThree. After university, I would be interested in working for them as they have a pleasant and friendly work environment, as well as interesting projects. The company consists of a small team of around 10 people, and they create small mobile and web games for existing IPs belonging to other companies such as Disney, Marvel and Cartoon Network.

They currently have a job available for a HTML5 developer listed here:

Their main technical requirements on the advert are:

• Experience in Native HTML5 games development, ideally using Pixi.js
• Well versed in OOP practices and design patterns
• Knowledge of the latest libraries and frameworks
• Experience with using third party plugins and code, and knowing when to use them

This role particularly interests me as I have an existing relationship with the company, and I know what the company environment is like on a day-to-day basis. Plus, there are opportunities to expand your skills and everyone gets the chance to put forward their ideas for proposals to be given to clients. The only disadvantage is that I would have to move back to London, and I would like to stay in Norwich after university.

Frontier Developments

Another company that I would be interested in working for is Frontier who is based in Cambridge which is only an hour and a half comute. I’ve played a few of their games, and they tend to make simulation/management games with their most recent being Jurassic World: Evolution and Planet Coaster. They have a graduate programmer scheme, with opportunities to move into a specialism.

On their page about programmer application guidance, they mention audio as one of their potential pathways, saying:

” Developing game audio systems, working with audio designers to establish workflows and enable content, making the game sound amazing. Requires a good knowledge of C++, familiarity with audio authoring and processing techniques, and a good appreciation for audio quality. “

This is particularly exciting to me as my other interest outside of games is music. I’ve played classical music since I was 6 and performed regularly for just under 10 years. Despite my goals shifting since then, I still have a strong passion for audio and to me, audio in a game can make the difference between a good and a great experience. Next year, I’d like to focus more on ways that I can include audio techniques in my games so that I can specialise in this area.


When I was looking into pathways into the games industry in Sixth Form, I encountered the Ubisoft graduates program. During the program, I would work at two different studios giving me the chance to see the differences in studio environments even within the same company. Furthermore, the company internally works in English so I wouldn’t have to learn a new language for each studio. I love to travel and want to work abroad at some point, however if I went straight from university into working in a foreign country I might have to leave my partner behind in the UK depending on salary.

They have some information on the graduate program on their website here:

There is also a listing for the graduate scheme with more information here: