Iteration 2 Planning

From Iteration 1, there were a few features that I had planned that I didn’t get to implement. These included some asset creation, a system for waves of attack, the ability to upgrade your monsters that you summon and a way to pause the game. The main tasks I’d like to carry over to Iteration 2 are the attack wave system, the pause button and allowing the player to upgrade their monsters. If I have time, I will add in the missing assets, but this is of low priority to me as the game functions without them.

At the end of Iteration 1, there were still some major bugs in the code that need to be fixed moving forward into Iteration 2. The most important fix to make is to stop the game from randomly crashing when multiple objects collide and the object is removed before the collisions can resolve for both objects. I want to make this my first priority during Iteration 2 as it renders the game unplayable without refreshing the tab.

Some smaller problems that I would like to fix are the attack radius for the tentacles being off-centre as well as the tentacles only attacking when an enemy enters or exits their attack area. This is a problem as it means that even if an enemy is moving slowly enough that it can be hit more than twice by the same tentacle, it will only be hit at most twice. Finally, where my menu overlaps with the game screen enemies passing through the area appear on top of the menu so I need to adjust how far forward they are.

Based on my feedback from the testing phaser of Iteration 1, I have a few features that are in my nice to have category. Personally, I want to add a second monster type, as this would add further decision making to the game as the player would need to chose which type of monster to summon to optimise their strategy. During feedback, it was suggested that I should add some way for players to be able to generate blood faster through some form of shrine or building. The last feature is grid snapping so that players cannot summon monsters super close together and they are encouraged to spread out their monsters further.

During Iteration 1, I followed a very strict planning schedule. However, due to events outside of my control such as falling ill, I couldn’t stick to it effectively. In fact, it caused more stress as I felt as though I was constantly behind on work despite making good progress. For Iteration 2, I want to use a more goal based style of development, where I have greater flexibility in the order in which I approach the tasks. This will also better allow for any bugs that pop up that slow down the rest of the development.

My main goals for Iteration 2 are:

  • Fix the random collision crash bug
  • Update/Streamline the UI. During one of our meetings, Aaron suggested moving the summoning of monsters out of a menu and simplifying it to a button press.
  • Implement a pause/play button to make the game more user friendly.
  • Add in grid snapping as troop placement can currently be unwieldy.
  • Upgradable monsters to give the player more to think about during attack waves.
  • Creating better icons that communicate what a button does more effectively to the player.

Overall, I’m pleased with the ideas and themes that came out of Iteration 1 and I want to carry that forward into Iteration 2. The main structure of the game is going to remain the same, just be improved upon. My summarising statement for the game is as follows: Blood Magic is a tower defense game where you use blood to summon and upgrade monsters to protect your altar from waves of oncoming enemies.