Iteration 1 – Testing Evaluation

The final version of Iteration 1 is available here

For my testing process, I wanted to test how the game felt to play, to see if the buttons were of a good size on screen. As someone with smaller hands, I was unsure if the buttons were a suitable size for larger hands, or if they were too small.  It was important to see if the tester had previous experience with tower defense games, as it may affect how they score the game in the quantitative data section. Finally, I wanted to see what a player would be looking for in a tower defense game, and to give them a space for any further comments that they wanted to make.

To collect my qualitative data, I created a series of questions for my tester to answer at the end of their time with the game. These questions were:

A) Were the controls easy to use and well-scaled to the screen size?

B) Was the objective of the game clear?

C) Do you play any tower defense games? If so, are they on mobile?

D) What features would you like to see in the future?

Here are the responses I got from my testers:


A) The controls are easy to use, if occasionally a little fiddly.
B) Yes
C) No
D) Extra blood generators that you can summon, to make summoning more troops faster.


A) Well scaled to the screen, and the controls are easy to use.
B) Yes, the aim of the game is simple to understand.
C) No
D) Sprites for the enemies as they are currently missing them, plus, a proper tileset for your tilemap. More assets in general.


A) The controls were easy to understand and use.
B) The objective of the game was sort of clear, but I might not have got it without a small explanation,
C) No, tower defense games are not my thing.
D) Some form of tutorial or instructions on how to play and make it clearer that blood is your form of currency, I didn’t notice it straight away.


A) Yes, especially for me since I have small hands.
B) The aim was to kill the wave of enemies, it was clear.
C) No, I don’t play any.
D) More monsters for the player to summon to defend themselves with.


A) Yes and the controls were responsive.
B) The goal was to stop the enemies from getting to your altar and to get more blood to summon more monsters with.
C) I’ve played tower defense games before and I’ve played the mobile game Balloons, so I have some experience with this type of game.
D) Being able to upgrade your troops, and have more monster options for the player to summon. Also, make the game a little easier.


A) Yes, the controls are also very well suited to a mobile phone screen.
B) Yes
C) I used to play some tower defense games, but not on mobile.
D) It’d be good if there were more ways to defeat the enemies attacking you, and if it was easier to get blood to summon troops with.

After the player had completed their attempt at the game, I recorded my quantitative data. I wanted to track how much blood (currency) the player had, how much health, if they beat the game, how many tentacles they summoned and I asked them how difficult they would rate the game.

Due to an unfortunate bug in the code, some tester’s games crashed on them, leaving them without the opportunity to win. Plus, I made the game too difficult by giving the enemies too much health. When I was testing myself previously, I had made the game too easy, so I decided to make it harder to see how the testers would respond. Evidently, I had overcompensated for how easy the game was and made it too difficult. In Iteration 2 I will spend more time on getting the balance of enemies and player monsters correct.

Before the game begins, the player only has enough blood to summon 2 tentacles. If a player summoned 3, that means they figured out how to gain blood quicker and spend it on the fly. 5/6 players were successful in summoning an extra tentacle, demonstrating that it was clear that you could continue to summon troops, even after the game has begun.

Before the tester started playing, I briefly explained the basic mechanic of the game, and told them that it was a tower defense game. For Iteration 2, I would like to be more hands off with my testing, to better replicate how it would be if the game was released. This way I can test how intuitive my controls are, and how easy the game is to pick up.