Iteration 1 – Week 2 Reflective Journal

This week, I needed to catch up on some tasks missed from the previous week and ensure that my game was ready for testing next week. I am pleased with how the prototype has turned out as it has the majority of the features that I put into my Minimum Viable Product. The main features that I missed were a wave of attack system and being able to upgrade your monsters however, the game is playable without these at the moment. I want to add these during iteration 2, as they will provide an extra level of depth to the game and make it interesting to play more than once.

Over the past two weeks, I wish I had been able to create more art assets for the game. I am most disappointed that I didn’t get around to creating a spritesheet for the enemies, as this means that for testing I will have the Phaser placeholder image so I will need to let my testers know that they are the enemies. Generally speaking, I tend to have days where I cannot concentrate or get any work done, followed by days where I can do two to three days worth of tasks. This means that my production diary looks a little odd, as I skip some days entirely as I just didn’t have the motivation to work on those days. Personally, I would rather I spent those days resting, so that I could attack my productive days better, rather than sit staring at the screen in counter-productive frustration.

My major achievement for this week was my collision detection system. Admittedly, it does break when a new object is added during the same frame a collision happens but in the majority of cases it functions as expected; I put a lot of work into figuring out how to identify which objects were colliding, but now that I have a basic functional system I can push it further in iteration 2 to remove the crash. I also wish to make the system more efficient than looping through all of the enemies and the monsters that the player has summoned.