Iteration 1 – Week 1 Reflective Journal

At the beginning of the project, instead of spreading all my tasks over the course of two weeks, I initially planned for only one week of development time by mistake. This meant that even if I got a significant chunk of work done on a particular day, I was technically behind on my planning. To rectify this, at the beginning of next week I am going to re-organise when I want each task completed to spread out the remainder of my work. My issues with planning were made worse by the fact that I had to take nearly two whole days off from development time, as I fell ill with a nasty cold. Consequently, I spent the rest of the week trying to catch up with what I had missed on those days and my planning from last week was pretty much ignored from that point on.

Despite my illness and problems with improper planning, I still managed to achieve a good chunk of what I had set myself to do. I completed approximately half the tasks that I had assigned, which makes sense as I had given myself two weeks of tasks to do in a single week by mistake. The main tasks that I am behind on are write-up and allowing the game to start however, I have lain the foundation to begin on these parts in earnest next week.

Overall, this week was rather rocky, particularly due to the loss of development time and incorrect planning. I am please with how far into the project I am, but I would prefer to be ahead of schedule, rather than on the edge of being behind.