Professional Practice

During my GCSEs and A levels I took part in work experience at a small game developers in central London. There I learnt about different industry standard tools and documentation such as:

  • Asana – a team organisation web app that allows you to assign tasks to different members, categorise tasks and give them due dates. It also allows you to post updates, and upload small files.
  • Game Design Documents – a written document that helps in developing an initial idea, fleshing out areas you may have forgotten or not considered and getting ideas on paper to present. They can be given version numbers and evolve alongside a project as aims change.


For this project, I have decided to use these tools to help track my progress and flesh out my idea. I find writing a Game Design Document particularly useful for patching holes in my concepts, as well as ensuring that as many aspects of the game have been considered as possible. Even though I will be working alone, I like to use Asana to give myself small, achievable deadlines to ensure that I do not get overwhelmed by the size of the project. Also, it helps when I hit a wall in one area of the game, as I can move to another section and still be able to achieve my goals.

I would also like to do a case study for a game from the genre, if I have time to do so.

The in-progress Game Design Document can be found here. I will update it as I complete the document.