Tank Game – Reflection

When I initially got the brief to extend or edit the tank game, my mind utterly blanked. To generate ideas, I decided to sit down and create a list of different properties of tanks, and what you might find associated with tanks. This is how I got my first idea for expansion of having a super attack. Different tanks have differing equipment, including better missiles.

Rather than have the player be significantly stronger than all the enemy tanks (or vice versa) I decided to equip the player with a secondary shot type. I believed this was a good feature to add as often the player would die from simply having a lower rate of fire compared to the enemy tanks through a sheer difference of numbers. However, I still wanted the game to have some difficulty to it, otherwise it could become boring to play.

While thinking on elements that go with tanks, land mines came to mind. These wouldn’t utterly destroy all tanks, so I gave them the same amount of damage power as a standard bullet. I didn’t want them to damage the player, as I was still having balance issues between the player and the enemies, despite giving the player additional firepower. However, if I wanted to take a more realistic approach, a landmine wouldn’t be able to tell the difference between friends and foes, so I would have to make the player also take damage from them.

I did struggle with extending the tank game, as they aren’t a game style that I would personally play. I feel like this exercise was good for taking me outside of my comfort game of making games that I would want to play, and putting myself in the shoes of what other people may want or expect from a particular genre of game.